Superyachts are some of the most luxurious and exclusive private sea-going vessels in the world. Being invited aboard one of these magnificent yachts makes you feel like you’re one of the chosen few. These mammoth yachts were always thought of as in the context of wealthy individuals cruising the world at their leisure and hosting celebrity-filled parties. 

But for the owners and managers of certain private companies, exploring superyacht sales in Thailand reveals that owning one of these yachts can make financial sense in some circumstances. Regional boat shows and expositions are one way you can explore superyacht sales in Thailand, or you can simply contact one of the many yacht brokers in the country. 

Superyachts as a Company Asset

With their ability to sail the world and visit many ports in many countries, they are viewed as assets by companies that place a high value on maintaining an ever-present public image of success. These spacious yachts serve as retreats, think tanks, and entertainment destinations for valued clients, suppliers and other business contacts. 

By contacting a yacht broker about superyacht sales in Thailand, you can get an idea of the range of prices and how much yacht you can get for the money your company is willing to spend on maintaining their corporate image. 

Playgrounds of Superyacht Sales in Thailand

Brokers of superyachts tend to be located in two areas of Thailand. Both of these areas are seen as ‘playgrounds’ of the yachting set for their beautiful waters and tropical islands. 

Pattaya is the destination for a lot of yacht owners living in Bangkok. It’s less than a two-hour drive from the city, and the Gulf of Thailand generally has clear and calm waters that are ideal for entertaining a yacht full of guests. With its many sizable marinas and several islands just offshore, Pattaya is the perfect place to base a superyacht for owners based in Bangkok. 

Phuket is one the most famous holiday destinations in the world. The island itself has plenty of spots where you can berth a superyacht. But the real attraction lies out in Phang Nga Bay. The bay is the home of several islands that have served as the famous backdrops for countless Hollywood movies over the years. 

Spending a few days or a week exploring these world-famous islands aboard your company-owned superyacht can be a dream come true for your valued clients and suppliers. It can serve to cement business relationships for years.

Consider Superyacht Sales in Thailand

If your company is operating in Southeast Asia, is doing well, and cares about its corporate image, investing in a yacht may end up making sense.   Your corporate yacht can be maintained by a yacht brokerage and chartered out on occasions when you won’t be using it. This helps defray the costs of maintaining it and turns it into an asset rather than an expense. To find out more information about yacht ownership, visit a regional boat show or contact a broker about superyacht sales in Thailand.