international school

Relocation to a foreign country can often be a hardship for children. They have to say goodbye to their friends and playmates. They’re often without their belongings until the move has been complete. And once they arrive, they’re forced to live in a world where people speak a different language and eat different foods. 

But one way that you can restore a bit of continuity and equilibrium to your child’s life is to enrol them in the same type of education that they had before the move. If you’re coming from the US, there are plenty of American international schools in Bangkok that can help your child adjust to the move and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. 

Getting Back to Work

At these American international schools, your child will have English language teachers and be surrounded by English-speaking students. The courses and grade assignments will also follow the American education system, so their transcripts from their former school will easily place them in the proper class with subjects they are familiar with. 

It essential to provide your child with a comfortable learning environment, and an American international school will allow your child to get back to work and feel positive about themselves. 

Source of Local and World Education

But there’s more to an American international school education in Thailand than just continuing with the schoolwork from the US. The international schools in Thailand are favored by foreign parents like you from every part of the world. They’re also favored by a lot of Thai parents who want a better education for their children than the Thai public schools provide.  

Your child will be interacting daily with children from many countries, but also with Thai children. Through this interaction with Thai students, they will begin to learn about Thailand and maybe pick up a bit of the language, customs and culture. 

Their assimilation will be easier when they have friends that can answer any of the questions they have about their surroundings.  

The foreign students they’re sharing their days with will teach them about many different cultures around the world as well. They’ll develop a sense of compassion and understanding and be able to consider many different opinions in formulating their own. 

Positive Experience

The friends your child will make by attending an American international school will shape their intellect and world appreciation forever. Many international school students make lifelong friends from many countries. They can help each other later on in life and create a beneficial worldwide network that will facilitate their professional life. 

But for the moment, the international school will provide your child with a comfortable place to make new friends and adjust to life in a place halfway around the world from their former home.  Plan to visit the American international schools in Bangkok. You’ll be doing your child a favor and improving their education and their future at the same time.