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Fast fashion continues to dominate our high street. Whether it’s your favourite Primark seasonal sale or those desirable windows wonders that can’t help but draw you into the store, fast fashion has never been more popular, especially as retailers have moved online.

We understand the hype. Who doesn’t want to order their next party outfit from the comfort of their bed for that bargain price? With trends rushing in and out of the shops at record speed, it’s hard to keep up with styles and more importantly sustainability.

(Source: Statista)

As we continue to invest in fast fashion, the growing market for cheap laboured clothing is only expanding. Walking into a post-covid future for the high street, online retailers have never been so popular, making it easier than ever to make unsustainable choices. From unethical production methods to poorly paid workers, the fast fashion industry is one of the most damaging industries across the globe. With modern-day brands pumping out more than 80 billion garments a year, 10 for each person on the planet, there’s no wonder why environmental experts are worried.

As mass-production commences, CO2 emissions are raised, the waste fabric is littered across the environment and toxic dye is released into the ocean. What’s more is that the items we do buy, then fly straight out of fashion. In fact, the Clean Clothes Campaign claims that 3 out of 5 fast fashion items end up in landfills, proposing that our nation’s obsession with fast fashion only further damages the planet.

The good news is that each person can take a step to reduce the impacts of fast fashion in just a couple of simple steps. By actively taking time to review your shopping habits and consciously thinking about how they affect the environment, the world is already on the way to a more sustainable future. Here are three ways to abolish fast fashion that you can start using today.

DIY Fashion

Enter a new generation of DIY fashionistas. With upcycling on the rise and Gen Z fashion trends more popular than ever amongst social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram, dressing sustainably hasn’t just become a choice but a style. From oversized vintage jumpers to new and exciting clothing hacks to help you turn an old t-shirt into something in fashion, DIY style, has become the new in-thing.

Upcycling is a great way to remain sustainable and forget about fast fashion. Reusing older garments and turning them into something new reduces the amount of clothing you buy each year, contributing towards a fast-fashion free future.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping sustainably is also important if you’re looking to cut your carbon footprint when buying your next outfit. For the ultimate sustainable swap, it’s time to ditch the high street and head down the vintage lane. Not only is vintage clothing in style, but shopping in second-hand stores and charity shops allows a garment to have a second life. Watch out, you might find a designer for half of the price or a pair of designer glasses which will last you much longer and keep you looking fashionable.

Better still, if you’re still looking for something new, it’s time to start shopping small. Local ethical collectives are the best when choosing eco-friendly clothing. They manufacture in small bulks, therefore wasting less energy and producing less waste.

Prioritise The Basics

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid buying something new, especially when it comes to basics. Your favourite jeans and that coat you live and die in has to come from somewhere, and it’s not always possible to buy them sustainably. We suggest that you prioritise your basics, the staples known to work with every outfit. Spend a little more on your staples and spend less on the rest. Your pocket may hurt now, but your favourite clothes will have a longevity that leaves your wardrobe needing to be changed less often.