Most people are unaware of the size of their carbon footprint or how much waste they contribute to landfills. It may be common to recycle plastic bottles and shut off lights in unused rooms of the home, but there are more changes that can be made to reduce your impact on the environment. To go green with the way you live, there are a few important steps to take to care for the earth.

Carpool to Work

One of the most common ways that many people increase their carbon footprint is by driving their vehicle to and from work each day. Opt for carpooling with other colleagues or friends who are headed in the same direction to reduce carbon emissions and reduce your fuel usage. You can also purchase a low carbon vehicle or an electric car when you need to drive longer distances.

Minimize Your Waste

There are several ways to minimize your waste with food products that you purchase or when shopping at the grocery store. Opt for using reusable bags when buying goods and avoid purchasing items that are individually wrapped. You can also install appliances like Mil-tek compactors in your home or office to compress your waste, which can save money with the trash that is tossed out.

Rely on Natural Light

Allow more natural light into your home to reduce your energy usage and illuminate the interior setting during the day. Swap out heavy blackout curtains for sheer window treatments and install a skylight to allow natural light into dim areas on the property. When you need to use artificial light you can switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, which can reduce 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution with each bulb that is used.

Purchase Local Food

Purchasing local food at a farmer’s market will reduce carbon emissions by avoiding the use of vehicles that are needed to transport the food. You’ll also want to buy food that is seasonal to ensure that it was grown just miles from your home. The average distance that food travels is 1,500 miles, making it important to buy your produce locally to remain responsible with the food that you eat.

When you want to become eco-friendly and reduce your impact on the earth, there are several changes that can be made in your everyday life. By obtaining the right tools and products, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re helping to preserve the environment and the resources that are available.