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Home renovations are popular because they can transform your dwelling into a showpiece when done right. One of the most important decisions when updating a home is what the overall atheistic will be. Choosing a suitable theme will make the design seem cohesive, even if projects are not completed all at once. Here are just some ways to get ideas.

Compare With Your Neighbors

While it’s typically not a good idea to keep up with the neighbors, it’s acceptable when looking for style ideas. Pay attention to the homes around you to get a feel for what would fit in with your neighborhood. For example, opting for a Tudor style Pflugerville garage door installation might be an option in a more traditional neighborhood but may not work among modern dwellings.

home layout

Consider Your Home’s Layout

You are free to add any elements you personally find pleasing but don’t overlook the layout of the home as a source for cues on how to decorate the exterior. For example, a small Cape Cod won’t look right with a stucco finish just as a modern home with boxy, straight lines can’t be dressed up as a Victorian.

Check With Your Homeowners Association

If your neighborhood has a homeowners association, knowing your limitations from the outset is prudent. Not only will you be able to avoid costly mistakes if your completed improvements are prohibited, but you may also find inspiration by working within the parameters. You may even find you’re better equipped when your choices are fewer.

Rethink Your Landscaping

Rethinking your landscaping can give you a host of new ideas. For example, if working in your English garden appeals to you, you could add elements to your home’s exterior that make it feel like a cottage. Conversely, if simple shrubbery and open spaces appeal to you, you may prefer to keep your siding and window styles more modern and clean-lined.

Prioritize Necessary Projects

Giving your home a fresh look is enticing, but it’s a good idea to start with what your home needs before moving on to what you want. For example, the specialists at Austin’s Greater Garage Doors recommend addressing problems like garage doors that won’t open or lock properly to secure the home before thinking about other decorative elements. Once you know what needs to be changed, you can start to think about ways those elements can stylistically impact the look of your home and start your theme there.

Choosing a style for your exterior should include your own taste as well as other important considerations for a well-balanced, smart new look.