living furniture

There is a level of design and construction quality that aptly serves to define the concept of living furniture in Thailand. It’s when the quality of the furniture perfectly suits a household’s lifestyle and design sense and complements the everyday ebb and flow of the household members as they engage in the business of living life to its fullest. 

The Creators of Living Furniture in Thailand

The people of Thailand have embraced the design sense of the contemporary master furniture designers and craftspeople of Europe and North America. The clean lines, natural colours and rich textures of these revered furniture houses, including Rolf Benz, Giorgetti, Cassina, and Christopher Guy, reflect the Thai appreciation of adding a natural outdoor accent to the indoor ambience of a room. 

These manufacturers represent the best furniture designers and craftspeople in the business. Their brand names are known throughout the world as paragons of quality and creativity. Many of them have honed their designs and craftsmanship over many years and generations. There’s was a style that evolved rather than was created. And the living furniture imported to Thailand is as much a lesson in design history as it is an interior design statement. 

Difference in Modern and Contemporary Furniture

The history of modern furniture is generally divided into seven distinct styles manufactured between the 1880s and 1957. In the 60s and 70s until today, manufacturers continue to experiment with creatively designed furniture, but those styles evolved from what is considered the seven modern classic styles of furniture. 

The name ‘contemporary’ was widely adopted to differentiate these later styles of furniture from the earlier modern styles they evolved from.  

These modern styles of the early 20th century served as the inspiration for designers of this living furniture concept that has enchanted homeowners and interior designers of Thailand. But in viewing the two styles side-by-side, there is a marked difference that defines them as separate steps in the evolution of luxury furniture. 

As the styles evolved through the years, you can notice a growing appreciation for the use of natural-looking woods and textiles and an easing of drastically stylized flourishes and lines. The furniture design became more in tune with the natural beauty of the materials used to make it. 

Popularity of Contemporary Living Furniture in Thailand

No one can put their finger on the exact reason or feature that draws people all over the world to contemporary luxury furniture. But it may be the beautiful symbiosis that’s achieved by the designers and artisans within the clean lines and richly textured woods, metals and materials used in the furniture’s construction. 

In Thailand, the name ‘living furniture has been given to this much sought-after style of furniture. As the interior designers and homeowners of Thailand began decorating with this furniture, they realised that the term was ideal in reflecting both the feeling and the look of this furniture.  Visit a Euro Creations showroom in Bangkok to see the magic that living furniture can add to your home in Thailand.