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Cat Content: Everybody Loves It

Very few people will deliberately look away from cat content on social media; whether that content is pictorial or includes moving images. Cats are cute, they’re fun, they’re entertaining, and they’re one of the best methods of getting your mind off the difficulties of life safely. Also, it turns out the positive nature of cats can help your social media following grow.

So there are plenty of reasons you should take cool photos with your cat, but getting something that’s legitimately interesting can be a challenge. Following are five tips for the best results.

1. Take Lots Of Pictures And Get In The Habit Of Doing So
Coverage is the word which best defines how you should approach capturing your feline on camera. You want good “coverage”. That means you should always have some sort of camera-ready; be it a GoPro or your smartphone.

When your cat is being cute, snap a few dozen pictures fast and choose the one or two which are best. Do the same with video: capture a few minutes of footage so you can catch your cat’s cuteness in its fullness.

2. When Your Cat Encounters Another Feline, Get The Camera
Cats are territorial, and when they encounter another feline with which they aren’t familiar, funny things tend to happen. This can also be a bit dangerous, so it’s good you’re there in the event the other feline proves more combative than yours. Seldom are both cats peaceful. Generally, you should expect them to defend their territory.

The age of the cat will play into how active encounters are. The older the cat, and the more set it is in its ways, the more likely there will be furry fireworks. Younger cats, those who are still mostly kitten, tend to be more “cute” and “fun” with others; their “contests” will have a more friendly veneer. Either way, get the camera and take pictures, video, or both.

3. Explore With Caution: Take Selfies With Your Cat
Most cats are not too excited about being held. This can make for some exciting photos, especially if you’re going the “selfie” route. Check out this link about sending selfies to help you generally “calibrate” your selfie-capturing “energies”. Apply those tips to the pictures you take with you and your feline.

4. Play Around With Varying Video And Photo Filters
Have you seen that funky “horse” filter which makes your face morph into that of a horse? There are already a few videos of cats watching a smartphone during a selfie session, seeing their owner’s faces transform, and being utterly surprised. You can also apply such filters to your feline for fun. Video and picture filters can be excellent for cool cat photos, play around!

5. Synthetically Produce Cuteness Through Strategic Catnip
What do cats love more than mice, milk, and string? Catnip. If you want to see your cat act goofy and festive, put a few ounces of catnip in a sock, shake it up, tie it off, and drop the cloth right in front of your cat.

They will likely get frisky quick, with fur fluffed out and varying acrobatic skittering maneuvers that are hilarious to capture on film in or out of context. If you’ve got multiple cats, a little catnip can prompt them into an activity that is downright delightful. Capturing Entertaining Photos Of Your Feline

Catnip, visual media filters, taking selfies, capturing your cat’s interactions with other felines, and getting in the habit of taking lots of pictures represent fine ways of getting the coolest pictures of your cat in action. As you try these things out, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t. One last thing: be sure to have fun!