No matter how well you market your online store, there are always things you can do to make it even better and grow your business. Whether you’re currently in the process of launching an online store or you already have one up and running, these 8 tips will help you make small changes that will pay big dividends in the future. Your customers will thank you!

1) Get your cart management right

Having an eCommerce store without effective cart management is a sure-fire way to lose money. By understanding how people browse and shop on your site, you can better define your marketing campaigns and offer recommendations or upsells in order to increase sales. Cart abandonment is a real problem for online stores—think of it as if someone walked into your brick-and-mortar store, grabbed all their items, and left without making a purchase—but it can be stopped with proper cart management and optimizing how you display your products. The outlook of your site should be user-friendly like the best au online casino site.

2) Make it easy for customers to see what they want

The first step in improving your online store is optimizing its design and layout. Make sure it’s easy for customers to see exactly what they want, even if they’re using mobile. Start by making your site mobile-friendly or responsive. The second tip is to be consistent with your photos—take several different shots of each product (showing multiple angles), and ensure that all of these photos are sized appropriately so people can tell what they’re looking at quickly.

3) Add special offers and seasonal sales

By offering special discounts, sales, and coupons, you’ll not only give customers more incentive to shop with you, but also increase your online store’s visibility. Promote these offers through your website and social media channels so that potential buyers learn about them and will be prompted to buy now rather than later.

4) Try new search terms

SEO is a massive topic in and of itself, but even a few simple tweaks can have an enormous impact on your site’s performance. One of the simplest ways to improve your online store’s SEO is by optimizing for long-tail keywords—that is, search terms that are two or three words long.

5) Target different customer types

Tailoring your business toward different customer types will make all of your marketing efforts more efficient. For example, if you have one target customer type in mind—male 20-somethings interested in video games or the best online casino—you can optimize for that person through your advertising, payment system, and product descriptions. If you’re trying to reach both men and women equally, or all age groups or people who like hiking and fishing equally, consider including features or products that will appeal to all of them.

6) Be safe with shipping costs

You want your online store to have competitive shipping costs, but it’s easy for these charges to add up. In order to ship your items at an affordable rate, you can use shipping and freight services that consolidate shipments or you can ship directly from fulfillment centers. This will help keep your costs down while ensuring high-quality customer service. An added bonus? You’ll be able to offer free shipping on larger orders.

7) Answer every customer query immediately

There’s no faster way to lose a customer than by failing to answer their questions and resolve their issues in a timely manner. But don’t just wait for people to message you, either—take time each day to check all your accounts and respond to comments on your social media accounts as well as directly on your store.

8) Email marketing is critical

If you sell a product or service, email marketing is critical. You can use it to deliver content, remind customers about promotions and keep them coming back for more. It’s important that your emails are delivered reliably and in real-time, which is why many businesses choose MailChimp as their email marketing tool of choice.