Living wisely in the modern world

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Automatic Balanced Doors

Advantages of Automatic Balanced Doors

The automatic balanced doors are an option if you lack the luxury of space to accommodate a sliding or telescopic door. Legally, every building and business location must offer all foot traffic a safe and straightforward path of access. As a result, automatic doors like Dawson doors New York are increasingly common in most buildings worldwide. Automatic …

wood flooring

Is Engineered Wood Flooring a Good Investment?

Engineered wood flooring allows you to enjoy the aura of refinement that wooden floors bring, as well as the added benefits of sturdiness, lengthy cost-effectiveness, convenience of construction, and a wide selection of options. Engineered wood offers the appearance of natural wood flooring at a lower cost and with a simpler installation technique .With several …

green business

Promoting Your Green Business from Home

There are many advantages to running your business in an eco-friendlier manner. Not only can you enjoy certain tax breaks when you implement greener practices at your company, but you can also save a great deal on things like utilities and other costs associated with running a business. Taking things, a step further and running …


Influence of Alternative Energy Production on Valve Manufacturing Industry

Nowadays, the main energy providers worldwide are still carbon-based fossil fuels, which are heavy-polluting and harmful for the environment. Fortunately, there are currently more people around the world investing in alternative energy rather than traditional fossil fuels. Using alternative energy has great benefits that go beyond helping the environment, being able to influence various industries …


Wind In Our Hair – And Our Future

We get no broadcast, cable or satellite television at my homestead. Being in a cut-off cove in a sheltered depression on the southeastern slope of Mount Mitchell and smack up against the Blue Ridge continental divide (less than 5 miles uphill to the west), the “public airwaves” don’t reach us. Cable is never going to …

earth lodge

Earthlodge: The Original Sod Home

I read an interesting article on the “earthlodges” of Native Americans in the Dakotas the other day. I’d learned early in my life when the family moved from New York to “Indian Territory” – Oklahoma – that not all Native Americans lived in those portable teepee tents so prevalent on the plains. I knew the …